We strive to provide you with the tools to Understand the World around us.

Earth Access

Earth Access, LLC

Bringing the world to you one bit at a time.

Our goal:  provide you what you need now and make it accessible.  

Earth Access  Journal


The Earth Access Geoscience Journal is a service to recover data from the shelves of faculty and to provide students with an outlet for excellent work for which there is generally no outlet..  No more do the small but great projects need to sit and gather dust!

Geological Services

Geo Services

Primarily a coastal geology group, we provide services for geological problems, from coastal erosion, to nuisance flooding.  If you need monitoring, documentation, expert witness testimony, or anything else, please get in touch!

Internet of Things Services

IoT Services

Understanding the need for real-time, impactful data, we deploy systems to monitor and collect data from nodes and gateways across urban, rural, and agricultural areas.  We can design and deploy systems and create data views to get the information to end users.