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Your Path to Publication

Determined to provide an outlet for ‘lost’ research, Earth Access has evolved to help students and faculty find a place for their small research to reside and grow. With a dedicated editorial board across the disciplines, Earth Access has become a dynamic place for students to publish their research with their professors where they could not have in the past. At Earth Access, we are dedicated to making sure your research is available to everyone, with no fees to the end user and full access to data and your closed projects.  We are here helping you succeed!

Your work will be searchable through this website and through online databases. Through the small publishing fees, you provide the long-term maintenance and growth of Earth Access. If you need help getting started, whether it be a research topic, writing, or creating graphics, use the resources tab to get started. When you’re ready to submit your manuscript, register go to the Instructions to Authors page.


Work with your advisor to make sure they will support you while you publish your work. Have them edit your paper as they would for their colleagues. They will be a co-author with you, and will be the basis of your support, your editing, and the overall outcome of your publication.


At Earth Access, we recognize how dust can settle on those old student projects.  Without enough data, but with excellent results, these small science deeds may forever go unrecognized. Our goal is to provide you and your students the place and the space to polish, publish, and preserve their work, giving them the success they deserve, and you the foundation for your next student project.


Take a look at the amazing work of all these students and faculty supervisors.  From years of dusty volumes lost on a shelf, Earth Access provides an outlet for these faculty-lead research projects which were too small for mainline journals.  We take excellent research and package it here, free of charge, and indexed for future citation.